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The World of Finance

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Mr. David Pequet from MPI Investment Management came to HILA on Tuesday afternoon to speak with our Fourth Graders about ‘The World of Finance.’ The attached presentation outlines the information that was presented to our students. HILA 4th graders asked great questions about stocks, bonds, and commodities, and learned the importance of saving their money. …

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Share your experience at HILA


Your voice matters and we would like to hear from you regarding your experience at The Hope Institute Learning Academy. Now through April 30, 2014, you have an opportunity share your voice on the Chicago Public School Website with an online survey about The Hope Institute Learning Academy or on report card pick up day, Monday, April 7, 2014, you can take a paper version of the survey. …

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Science Fair!


Our school will be having a Science Fair! We hope that with your enthusiastic encouragement, your student will enjoy participating in the fair and preparing a project. 4th and 5th grade will be following the scientific method to research and conduct an experiment to present. Attached is all of the information you need to know and sample rubric/break down of points. The science fair is an important aspect and large portion of your student’s 4th quarter grade. …

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