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Pat Sajak at HILA
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Parent Letters Needed

Calling PARENTS:

We are applying for an Art grant and need letters from parents!

Please answer this question: How do the arts impacts your student’s educational experience?

Once you have a response, please e-mail them to

Patriot Day

Parents and Guardians,

In honor of Patriot Day tomorrow, and in remembrance of September 11, students will be allowed to wear red, white, or blue shirts. They should remain in khaki uniform pants and black shoes.

Thank you,

Mr. Jakubowski

Families of HILA meeting

There will be a Families of HILA meeting September 3 at 7:45 a.m. There will be no 3 p.m. option for this meeting. We will be reviewing the student handbook.

1628 W Washington
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Phone: (773) 534-7405


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For more than 50 years, The Hope Institute for Children and Families has led the way in providing innovative educational approaches to help all learners meet their maximum potentials. Hope understands how to teach – and care for – children with a variety of educational needs and styles of learning. Students in Hope classrooms regularly exceed the national average for being “on task” in learning activities. But more importantly, Hope students experience the joy of learning to their full potentials.
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