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Contact Directory

School Address:

1628 W Washington

Chicago, Illinois 60612

Office Phone:

(773) 534-7405

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Michael Jakubowski Principal mjakubowski@thehopeinstitute.us
David Quanz Assistant Principal dquanz@thehopeinstitute.us
Office Support Staff
David Loreto Technology Coordinator dloreto@thehopeinstitute.us
Bernard Broadway Security bbroadway@thehopeinstitute.us
Christina Venegas School Clerk cvenegas@thehopeinstitute.us
Victoria Vann Dir. of Recruitment/Admissions vvann@thehopeinstitute.us
Monica Castro Fin./HR Manager mcastro@thehopeinstitute.us
Michelle Janci Multi Tiered System of Support mjanci@thehopeinstitute.us
Melissa Flores ESL mflores@thehopeinstitute.us
Kevin Bretz Office Assistant kbretz@thehopeinstitute.us
Melissa Baldwin Room 103 mbaldwin@thehopeinstitute.us
Cheryl Broach Room 105 cbroach@thehopeinstitute.us
Tameka Pritchett Room 107 tpritchett@thehopeinstitute.us
First Grade
Anne McCaskey Room 108 amccaskey@thehopeinstitute.us
Amie Coleman Room 110 acoleman@thehopeinstitute.us
Robert Seiner Room 112 rseiner@thehopeinstitute.us
Second Grade
Bonita Larsen Room 210 blarsen@thehopeinstitute.us
Haley Birnbaum Room 212 hbirnbaum@thehopeinstitute.us
Alexis Halper Room 214 ahalper@thehopeinstitute.us
Third Grade
Jy Laurenz F. Gabiola Room 201 jgabiola@thehopeinstitute.us
Josh Kolakowski Room 203 jkolakowski@thehopeinstitute.us
Dawn Fowler Room 205 dfowler@thehopeinstitute.us
Fourth Grade
Nicole Johnson Room 223 ngreen@thehopeinstitute.us
Trisha Arquilla Room 227 tarquilla@thehopeinstitute.us
Fifth Grade
Montie Apostolos Room 226 mapostolos@thehopeinstitute.us
Chelsea Innocenti Room 228 cinnocenti@thehopeinstitute.us
Special Education
Laura Tye Special Education Coordinator ltye@thehopeinstitute.us
Patricia Kolakowski Case Manager pkolakowski@thehopeinstitute.us
Victoria Martin Transitional K-2, Room 109 vmartin@thehopeinstitute.us
Amanda Hirsch Highly Supported K-2, Room 111 ahirsch@thehopeinstitute.us
Jeff Giegoldt Transitional 3-4, Room 211 jgiegoldt@thehopeinstitute.us
Cathy Witczak Transitional 2-3, Room 213 cwitczak@thehopeinstitute.us
Laura Nevarez Highly Supported 3-5, Room 202 lnevarez@thehopeinstitute.us
Dominic Pacifici Transitional 5th Grade, Room 206 dpacifici@thehopeinstitute.us
Eric Lantero Co-Teaching, Room 225 elantero@thehopeinstitute.us
Rebecca Heintz Grades 3-5, Room 104 rheintz@thehopeinstitute.us
Related Services
Megan Morien Behavior Analyst, BCBA mmorien@thehopeinstitute.us
Nora Chapman Social Worker nchapman@thehopeinstitute.us
Anne Pulaski Social Worker apulaski@thehopeinstitute.us
Kristen Murkowski Speech Therapist kmurkowski@thehopeinstitute.us
Britten Steele Speech Therapist bsteele@thehopeinstitute.us
Maricela Abrego Occupational Therapist mabrego@thehopeinstitute.us
Misti Peppler Occupational Therapist mpeppler@thehopeinstitute.us
Dr. Renee Lewin Psychologist rlewin@thehopeinstitute.us
Margaret Gluck School Nurse mgluck@thehopeinstitute.us
Ancillary Teachers
Denise Novak Library/Media, Room 121 dnovak@thehopeinstitute.us
Jonathon Harper Fine Arts, Room 245 jharper@thehopeinstitute.us

1628 W Washington
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Phone: (773) 534-7405


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For more than 50 years, The Hope Institute for Children and Families has led the way in providing innovative educational approaches to help all learners meet their maximum potentials. Hope understands how to teach – and care for – children with a variety of educational needs and styles of learning. Students in Hope classrooms regularly exceed the national average for being “on task” in learning activities. But more importantly, Hope students experience the joy of learning to their full potentials.
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